“Love Alarm” premiered on Netflix to rave reviews this week. Through the laughter, tears and heartbreak, audiences have grew fond and become invested in Jojo, Hye-yong, and Sun-oh.

Now that many fans have finished binge-watching all 8 episodes, the feedback has been unanimous – we need season 2! Especially since the first season ended on a cliffhanger.

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Just as the developer Brian Chon (guess he didn’t commit suicide after all?) reveals that the Love Alarm 2.0 app can now predict one’s potential lover, we see Jojo caught in-between Hye-yong and Sun-oh. Both men simultaneously ring her alarm and our leading lady finds herself in an awkward position once again.


The scene then cuts to the end credits and viewers are left dumbfounded, thinking, “Wait, that’s it?” Already, countless fans have taken to social media demanding for a 2nd season. We hate to break it to you, but you’ll have to wait a little longer (likely next year) to see which handsome guy will successfully convince Jojo to open her heart again.

Will it be the wealthy model Sun-oh or humble boy Hye-yong?

Personally we think Sun-oh may have a slight edge over Hye-yong. Sun-oh still has feelings for Jojo despite spending a few years apart after the break up. Although Hye-yong is only beginning to fight for what he wants, some may feel like it’s too little too late.

Hye-yong was quite passive and took a backseat in lieu of his bestie for the first half of the season. Thankfully, actor Jung Ga-ram (정가람) exclusively told us that he’s quite the opposite in real life. It was frustrating to see Hye-yong put everyone but himself first – time and time again.

Love Alarm

While Hye-yong and Jojo came off more like a brother-sister relationship, audiences could see the passion and chemistry between Sun-oh and Jojo. Having said that, you might be surprise to know that actress Kim So-hyun (김소현) admitted to us that she’s team Hye-yong.

What can fans expect from season 2?

Well, this much is obvious – So-hyun, Ga-ram, and Song Kang (송강) will be back to reprise their respectively roles. We might also get to see if Jojo’s former boyfriend Il-sik finally develop feelings for her frenemy Kim Jang-go. Plus, we’re still counting on hating Jojo’s bitchy cousin, Park Gool-mi (played brilliantly by Go Min-shi).


Is anyone also hoping for more shirtless scenes from Song Kang?

So, will there be a season 2?

The answer is almost certainly yes (although not officially confirmed yet) !

If season 1 is well-received, we’ll produce season 2. So, season 2 really depends on how
well season 1 does. For slightly over half of season 1, you’ll get to see the high school years of the characters, followed by the adult years in the later part of the season where we get to ask ‘What’s Jojo’s choice?’ when she grows up,” Lee Na-jeong told us.

The director added, “This is my first time directing the end of a season. Usually for Korean TV series, once you’re done with the series, you’re done for good, but for this Original Series, we had to make the ending in a way that makes the audience want to watch the next season. So, this season will end with the question about Jojo’s choice.”

In the meantime, this is exactly how all of us are feeling right now:

Love Alarm Love Alarm

Update (Tuesday, 30th October 2019):

Not that we’re surprised, but Netflix has officially confirmed that K-drama is getting a 2nd season. “With the strength of your warm love, ‘Love Alarm’ has been confirmed for a second season! Thank you, and we love you. See you soon!” the streaming platform stated.

Watch the shout-out from the 3 main cast:

For those interested, feel free to check out our exclusive interview with the cast and some fun facts.

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