An NGO known as Kumpulan Anak Kelantan Prihatin has lodged a police report against rapper Caprice for allegedly giving insulting remarks towards Kelantanese people.

The report was made at the Petaling Jaya Police Headquarters on Sunday (18th August) at 4:45pm. According to a representative, Norlida Daud, they were deeply disappointed with Caprice’s use of degrading words towards people of the country.

Source: AWANI, Perak Today

For those who might not know, Caprice posted a video on his Instagram, criticising Kelantanese people who were present during Zakir Naik’s talk held in Sultan Muhammad IV Stadium in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. He also questioned how on earth they can fathom his full ceramah in English. He further claimed that people would ‘dan-dan’ (all of a sudden) understand the language during his talk, sarcastically belittling their English skills.


The video was then reposted in @igkelantan Instagram account, which resulted in the rapper leaving a comment describing more offensive remarks towards the country, stating that Kelantan has the highest record of crime including drugs, abortion and pedophilia. Check out the full video below:

Source: Malaysiakini

“The artist’s statement obviously offended us as Kelantanese citizen and his actions clearly reflected his ego as a local celebrity. We plead to the police to make investigation on his intention of making such a shallow statement and take appropriate action,” Norlida said during interview with the media.

Caprice finally issued an apology as a response to the issue. In his recent update on Instagram, he described the account @igkelantan as batu api – intending to make the situation worse by posting his video without his consent. Additionally, he also shared his views on the Zakir Naik case and asked Malaysians to stop focusing too much on racial issues.


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Salam Kelantan, (swipe ke kiri) 1) Caprice memohon maaf kepada Kumpulan Anak muda Kelantan dan rakyat kelantan if mereka terasa berkenaan posting itu namun menyifatkan IG kelantan sebagai batu api kerana mengambil video tanpa caption di post. 2) Caprice setuju yang kenyataan Zakir Naik berkenaan tetamu itu provoke namun Zakir Naik tidak sepatutnya dilayan sedemikian atas ilmu islam yang canggih 3) Rakyat Malaysia perlu bersatu sama sama dan tidak terlalu fokus akan racial issue 4) Caprice sedia untuk bekerjasama dgn NGO Anak Muda Kelantan untuk bantu ummah sebab dua2 pihak ade visi yang sama dan kita ade bina platform seperti, IslamPro: servis ke rumah, dan Umrahloka. Lagi baik kita membesarkan case ni dan kejersama sebab dari awal tahun caprice sendiri pernah try jumpe ahli2 pemimpin Kelantan. Insyallah kalau dapat peluang kita boleh kerjesama.

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What do you think? Is Caprice entitled to his opinion or did he crossed the line?

Sources: AWANI, mStar.

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