Have you seen Henry Golding blush? The Malaysian heartthrob got an unexpected surprise when he recently appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon”.

The US talk show host took the 32-year-old actor down memory lane to more than a decade ago. It was a never-before-seen audition tape of Golding, something “only one other person has seen”.

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Before his big break in last year’s “Crazy Rich Asians”, the Sarawak-born actor was known for his hosting gigs in Malaysia and Asia. “That was your first big break that we know of. But actually, your first big break was hosting a travel show on Malaysian TV,” said Fallon.


I had this crazy idea whilst working in London to head over to Malaysia and attempt to be a travel show host. So I asked my buddy to put together a little show reel for me. And then when I went over to Malaysia, I would have something to do, or something to give to these producers,” Golding shared.

Of course, Fallon proceeded to show the entire audience the clip. The tape is obviously a bit dated, judging from the quality, as well as the attire and the Fatboy Slim soundtrack. The handsome star himself admitted that he didn’t know what to do with his hands.

Also, the duck face that Golding made while eating noodles? Adorable. The actor was embarrassed by the end of it joking that Fallon “had destroyed his street cred”, but it was all in good fun. Look at how far he’s come since then right?

In addition, the half-Iban, half-English entertainer will be ending the year on a festive note with his upcoming rom-com “Last Christmas“, starring opposite UK actress Emilia Clarke.

Word on the street has it that Golding may also make his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in “Black Panther 2” as the villain/ anti-hero, Namor.

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