Former adult film actress Mia Khalifa recently sat down for an exclusive interview with YouTuber and motivator Megan Abbott. During the session, she recalled stories during her stint in the rated-R film industry.

Additionally, she also remembered the time when she received shocking threats after filming a scene where she had sex while wearing hijab. Mia revealed that she had only been in the industry for a few months, when she was asked to wear hijab while having sex.

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The Beirut-born lass spontaneously responded by saying, “You guys are going to get me f**king killed,” she told Abbott in the 1-hour long video. “I was expecting it to be controversial, but not to that extent,” she added.


She also considered leaving the pornography world a week before the film was released. She mentioned that she was embarrassed at that time. “People look at me way more different than before. It concerned me in a way. I thought that one would be my last one.”

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Not long after that, the porn video went viral and she realised that the spotlight was on her. Her Instagram followers also increased from 400 followers up to 200,000 in a mere 3 days.

Things took a turn for the worst when her account was hacked by ISIS, who sent death threats to her. “They (ISIS) photoshopped a photo of me on a beheaded body holding my head, saying ‘You’ll be next, you Muslim disgrace’, and I was like ‘I’m Catholic, dude! I go to Ash Wednesday, you don’t want me’,” she hilariously remembered back the situation.

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A week after the incident, she came across a screenshot of a Google Maps image of her apartment on Twitter, and utter fear started to set in. She explained to Abbott that she had to stay in a hotel for 2 weeks.

“I finally moved out of my house after I was able to get my things together and find a new place, but that was one of the scariest; that was way more scary than the beheading Photoshop pic,” she added. When asked why, she explained that she was concerned of being exposed and violated.

You can check out the full video of the interview below:

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Source: Hangat.

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