In today’s news of weird food combination, we have a new contender that will be joining all the bizarre boba-inspired food including boba toast, boba pizza, boba beer, boba cake, boba waffle, boba ice cream, and more!

Now, we introduce to you, the boba tea rice! You read that right. As the name suggest, the food is basically rice cook with boba milk tea together with the tapioca pearls. (Yes, we know. It is weird!)

The news about this weird combination gone viral when a Twitter page shared ways on how to cook the boba tea rice.

As you might have guessed it, the tweet has led to many netizens face-palming themselves after seeing the abomination. Some of the reactions are truly hilarious!


After some digging, we found out that the weird recipe actually came from SoraNews24 (Tokyo-based news site) as one of the writers decided to try out the recipe after comparing it to ochazuke. (Leave it to the Japanese for all these weird stuff!)

“In Japan, we often eat a dish called ochazuke, which is rice with green tea, so shouldn’t we also be able to make rice with tapioca tea?” asked the writer – and boom! That’s how the dish came to life!


And their verdict? Well, apparently they find that the dish is surprisingly delicious, adding that rice and tea really do go well with each other. (Hmm… you sure bruh?)

Anyway, if you’re curious about it. Why not try cooking one and be the judge yourself? Remember to let us know how it taste like!

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