After his divorce with ex-wife Bella Astillah, Singaporean actor Aliff Aziz seems to be having problem coping with his life without Bella and his son, Ayden.

2 weeks after his split, he shared on social media his wish to get back together with Bella. One month after the divorce, he posted a throwback photo asking God to reunite them both together once again. And yesterday, he shared a shirtless photo of himself with the words “Bella” tattooed across his chest.


The tattoo has certainly shocked many people, but Aliff assured that it is not a tattoo but a black henna. He also clarified that it is an old photo of him.

It would seem that the 28-year-old actor is having trouble moving on. Many netizens are showing concerns about the way the actor has been recently, especially in one viral video which showed Aliff screaming and yelling in a phone.

Many people believe Aliff may be going through depression and his odd behaviour is a call for help, but some also claimed that the actor is actually on set and is currently shooting his latest drama.

After learning the news, Aliff’s ex wife Bella shared her thoughts on Instagram to shed light on the issue. Feel free tp check out her statement on her Instagram post below.


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Salam, Bella baru sampai Malaysia subuh tadi. And I received a lot of calls, texts, dms and mentioned from ig & twitter berkenaan dengan ex-husband saya, Aliff. Maaf kepada media yang bella tak dapat reply sbb harini bella nak rest kurang sihat??. . . Di sini saya kongsikan sedikit, saya sangat2 sedih dengan apa yang menimpa diri Aliff. Walau apapun he is still the father of my son. Dan sebenarnya sebelum bella berangkat ke Melbourne, Bella bawa Ayden berjumpa dengan dia di Singapore untuk spend time dengan Daddy dia. Apa yang terjadi sekarang sangat mengejutkan saya dan keluarga. Saya tak dapat menahan sedih dan menghubungi dia pagi tadi and he said dia dianiaya oleh orang yang baru shj dia kenal yang terdapat dalam video tersebut hanya untuk mengenakan dia. Wallahualam ? . . Tapi niat dan point utama saya kat sini, Aliff is feeling lost and despair. Perlukah kita bersorak gembira? Adakah kita betul2 tiada hati dan perasaan? Adakah kita atau ahli keluarga kita dah cukup sempurna? Adalah lebih baik kita doa yang baik2 sebab kita sendiri taktahu apa dan bagaimana pengakhiran hidup kita. . . Jangan kita meremehkan hal yang berkenaan dengan depression. Saya selalu beritahu Aliff he can always call/video call Ayden. Anytime. Saya tak berdendam dengan dia, saya dah maafkan dia 100%. Siapalah saya nak menghukum dia. Aliff seorang yang sangat bijak, berilmu tinggi cuma iman dia kurang. Dan kepada siapa pun yang berkawan dengan Aliff sekarang, lindungi dan bantulah dia bukan sebaliknya. Soal tattoo, boleh check ig @leahenna_artist sbb kak Lea yang buat nama Bella tu menggunakan Inai when I was in China tahun 2016 rasanya lama sangat dah. . . Adakah kita rasa puas dan hebat sekiranya apapa terjadi pada Aliff? Nauzubillahminzalik. Kita doa yang baik2 dan comment yang baik2 kat ig dan twitter dia, manatahu dapat bantu dia. Dan semoga Aliff kembali sihat, mudah mudahan. Be strong @aliffaziz91

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“I received a lot of calls, texts, DMs and mentioned from IG and Twitter regarding my ex-husband, Aliff. I am saddened by what he is going through, but nevertheless, he is still the father of my son,” she said.

“Even before I flew to Melbourne, I took Ayden to Singapore to spend some time with his daddy. What’s going on now really shocked me and my family. I cannot control my sadness so I called him and he told me that he was framed by someone he just met.”

“But my point is, Aliff is feeling lost and despair. Should we feel happy about it. Do we not have heart and sympathy? Are we and our family already so perfect? It is better if we pray for the best because we don’t even know how our life will end,” she added.


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Thank you Oh Allah for this test you’re putting me through. May i come through stronger and closer to you. Amin yra ✨

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Bella also asked netizens not to underestimate depression. “I always tell Aliff that he can call or video call Ayden anytime he wants. I don’t have any grudge against him. In fact I’ve already forgiven him 100%. Who am I to punish him?”

“Aliff is a smart person, it’s just that he lacks faith. For those who are being friends with Aliff, please help and protect him. Not the other way around,” she continued.

Aliff Aziz left a comment on Bella’s post, saying “Thank you. The owner of such a beautiful heart.”

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