After officially divorced for almost 2 weeks, controversial Singaporean singer and actor Aliff Aziz shocked netizens when he hinted that he wishes to get back together with his ex-wife Bella Astillah.

The 28-year-old actor shared his prayer on Twitter, asking God to reunite him and his ex-wife. “Dear Allah, please unite us. If she is not my soulmate, make me hers,” he wrote in a now deleted tweet.


Though Aliff didn’t exactly mention any name in the post, many people believed that the status was meant for his ex-wife Bella. Furthermore, the post comes a few days after he shared on Instagram how much he misses his son.

Aliff’s tweet garnered mixed reactions. While some gave positive feedback, hoping that the former couple will reunite, others want the Singaporean actor to stay far away from Bella so that she wouldn’t get hurt anymore.


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I miss you, Junior. Keep Daddy in your heart as how you’re always beating in mine. ? @aydenadrean17 #MyOtherHalf #AydenAdrean

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Meanwhile, Bella who previously admitted that she still loves Aliff dearly, responded, “I do not want to give any comments because it involves other people’s feelings too. Besides, that tweet could be for anybody,” she told mStar.

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