Up and coming Japanese idol group Dear Kiss will be making their debut in Malaysia next week to introduce themselves to the Malaysia media as well as their fans!

Members Saki, Miiwa, Rikako, Nonoko and Maho will be having a Meet & Greet sessions at Live Fact in The Strand on 22nd and 23rd June 2019 (Saturday and Sunday). Each session is limited to 200 pax only.


The girls are set to perform a couple of their songs during the sessions. Some of their known songs include “Tameiki no Sekai wa Iranai”, “Shiny Shy Girl”, “Shekina”, “Love Me” and more.

The 5-member group officially debuted in April 2016. 4 months after their debut, the group was invited to perform at Tokyo Idol Festival, which is considered to be one of the biggest idol events in Japan.

Their 1st mini album reached 1st place in J-POP charts’ Oricon Daily, and they held their 1st live concert at Shinjuku BLAZE on 20th August 2016.

On 13th and 14th July, Dear Kiss will be the main opening act at SMASH 2019, one of the biggest Anime festival in Sydney, Australia.

(L-R: Saki, Rikako, Maho, Nonoko and Miiwa)

For more info about the group, visit dearkiss.net.

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