There is no doubt (pun intended) that hijabi fashion icon Yuna has a great fashion sense that not only stylish and trendy but also modest and humble at the same time.

The 32-year-old singer-songwriter recently revealed on her IG story that her fashion sense is inspired by the ultimate style icon Gwen Stefani, especially the time when she was in 90s rock band, No Doubt.


“I love her style now too but 90’s Gwen was everything,” Yuna wrote when a fan asked her where she get her fashion inspiration.

After the revelation, we can now definitely see a lot of Gwen Stefani’s style in Yuna’s clothing especially the plaid and leopard print styles which were Stefani’s signature looks.


Stefani is a legitimate style icon who previously received the Style Icon Award at the first People Magazine Awards in 2014, so it is only natural that Yuna look up to the fashionista and take inspiration from some of her iconic styles.

Yuna is considered to be one of the first Malay muslims who started the modern hijab and jilbab trend in Malaysia. She is also one of the first who made the turban style famous in the country.


Despite breaking into the international music scene, Yuna stays true to her Islamic faith by dressing modestly, but also manages to look chic and fashionable at the same time.

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