Calling all ARMYs in Malaysia! Cold Brew Coffee’s BTS Edition has just debut in Malaysia.

Late last year, popular coffee brand Cold Brew By Babinski launched a new specially packaged edition featuring the members of K-pop boyband BTS. Guess what? It’s now available in our country.


For the uninitiated, Cold Brew By Babinski is created by HY Fresh in collaboration with Charles Babinski, the 2015 US Barista Champion. Many K-pop fans have praised the beautifully designed special packages.

As you can observed from the images, the faces of BTS in Art Nouveau design are meant to emphasise “the romantic and artistic style” of the mega popular K-pop boy group. Each of the bottles feature a different BTS member. It’s a smart marketing move, seeing that ARMYs will want to purchase all 7 bottles as collectibles.

The Cold Brew Coffee X BTS bottles are divided into individual purchase price (RM12.90) and price on set purchase (RM9.90). You can also pair your coffee drink(s) with some authentic Korean food. The couple set comes with Chicken BBQ and Buldak Chicken Myun, while the family set comes with Jjamppong, Dakgalbi Bokkeumbap, and KFC cheese.

Do note that this exclusive promo is only limited for 2 month only (from now till the end of June). According to the F&B franchise’s Facebook, these Cold Brew Coffee X BTS bottles are available at all local outlets. In case you’re wondering, Oiso Korean Traditional Cuisine & Cafe is a pork free restaurant.

Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew and BTS are similar in that they’ve both broken the standards and have paved the way in popular new trends. We look forward to putting forth great synergy with BTS through various marketing promotions,” Kim Dong Joo, Marketing Director at HY Fresh, was previously quoted as saying.

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