To quote someone, it seems unlikely that Elaine Ng (吳綺莉) and daughter Etta Ng (吳卓林) with be spending any quality time together during this weekend’s Mother’s Day.

A few days ago, Elaine took to her social media account to post an update, expressing that she’s been very disappointed with her daughter. She even went as far as saying “I’ve never given birth to this child” and that “this daughter is not mine”.

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One day when you understand how bullshit (everything) is, take it, my dearest Etta,” Elaine wrote. She later responded to a netizen’s comment, saying, “I’ll tell you one fact. I’ve never given birth to this child. This daughter is not mine.”


In addition, the 45-year-old also remarked that even Etta choose to live her life and do things her own way, she should do her best to avoid doing “bad things”, and instead, pursue activities that bring about “happiness”.

Etta, who tied the knot with Internet personality Andi Autumn, 31, last year, and her mum have been estranged for the longest time. Their relationship apparently got worst because Elaine hasn’t been accepting of Andi.

Etta Ng

Earlier in March, Elaine called the cops for fear that her daughter might have locked herself in her apartment in Yau Ma Tei. In turned out to be a false alarm after firefighters broke into her flat. Embarrassed and upset, Etta claimed that her mum was “too controlling”, “crazy” and needed “medical help”.

Etta has also stated that she would never turn to hr biological father Jackie Chan (成龍) for any help. Likewise, the 65-year-old legendary actor has never acknowledged Etta.

Someone noted, “Elaine is so harsh. Love between a parent and child should be unconditional. It sounds like she has always been disappointed – likely expressed when Etta was a child. Self-fulfilling prophecy.”


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Elaine brought her to this world and didn’t raise her the right way, most of all the faults are from Elaine. Now Etta is all grown up, she should learn to forgive/forget the past and make good decisions for herself,” commentator Davy wrote.

Many parents are estranged from their children. She’s not the first one and only one. The forming years of a child are important to build a strong and loving foundation. It has clearly shown that she has failed to provide a nurturing environment so she’s suffering from the consequences now. I think nobody would have reported this much had it not be Jackie Chan’s illegitimate child. And this mother and daughter duo are also very attention seeking themselves. Can’t lie low and stay away from the limelight and lead their own proper lives,” Kandy Ko wrote.

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