For the first time ever, Tut’s Egyptian Eatery which is dubbed Malaysia’s first Egyptian restaurant, launches its first-ever sumptuous buffet spread to usher in this year’s Holy Month of Ramadan.

After finding out about Malaysians’ love for buffet especially during the Ramadan month, the Egyptian restaurant gathers all of its famous and must-try meals and include them in its inaugural buffet.

Showcasing more than 25 Egyptian delicacies with most of them imported from Egypt, the buffet spread aims to introduce Malaysians to Egypt’s rich culinary heritage.


The variety of food choices!

Some of the dishes include Egyptian Savoury Rice with Fried Onion, Royal Rice, Baked Rice, Fatta, Moussaka with Bechamel, Egyptian Bamya which is baby ladies’ fingers, Egyptian stew, Tut’s Fried Chicken and Beef Kofta to name a few.

Guests can try out a selection of Egyptian desserts namely Roz b Laban, a berry-topped rice pudding with vanilla and milk; Sobya Mousse, a Middle Eastern mousse topped with a healthy dose of raisins or cinnamon; and Om Ali, an Egyptian bread pudding with nuts, raisin, cinnamon and more.

Tuts’ Head of Operation Youssef Tarek revealed that 3 of the dishes from the buffet – the baked rice, moussaka, and bechamel are from his mother’s homemade recipe. He also said, “The Egyptian dishes have gone through minor alterations to suit the local tongues as the original Egyptians dishes are quite flavourful due to Egyptians strong taste preference.”

Our personal thoughts

After trying out each of the meal, we have to agree that some of the dishes do have strong flavour, so those who prefer lighter taste may find the food here a bit of a shock on their taste buds.

Nevertheless, the meals were a real eye-opener for us and it can be a whole new experience for those who have never tried Egyptian food. Who knows maybe you will get hooked on one of its dishes?

Our favourite among the buffet spread has to be the Egyptian Bamya, Tut’s Fried Chicken, Roz b Laban, and we’re really addicted to the Egyptian Karkade, which is basically hibiscus tea – we totally recommend this!


Throughout the Ramadan month, the Egyptian buffet is priced at RM 59.90 for diners aged 12 years old and above, and RM 29.90 for children aged between 5 years old to 11 years old, whilst children aged below 5 years old will get to enjoy the delectable feast for free.

For more details on Tut’s Egyptian Eatery’s latest news, promotions and culinary offerings, please visit

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