Malaysian actress Elfira Loy recently shared a photo of her Raya 2019 look on Instagram and many people have been praising her for her goddess-like beauty.

However, there is one particular comment that she is not expecting, and that comment is left by famous Hollywood personality Paris Hilton, reading “Gorgeous” with a queen crown emoji next to it.


Netizens were equally surprised to find out that the famous star which has close to 11 million followers, casually commented on Elfira Loy’s post as though they were friends – turns out, they are!

Apparently, Elfira and Paris has been following each other on Instagram. Elfira even posted a throwback selfie of herself and the 38-year-old socialite on her Instagram last year.


Many fans have expressed their excitement and envy over the comment left by Paris. Even Elfira herself has admitted that she is shocked by the comment.

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