After so many teasings and hintings, it is finally confirmed that famous K-pop boy group BTS will be coming to Malaysia next year in conjunction with the Visit Malaysia 2020.

Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq has promised that he will do the best that he can to bring the 7-member boy group to Malaysia next year.

“I’ve just met with the promoter for the BTS event and we are in the negotiation phase. Our hope is to get BTS here for Visit Malaysia 2020,” Syed Saddiq said during PSM (Malaysia Stadium Corporation) Open Day at Putrajaya.

“I’ve tasked Tan Sri Tony Fernandes (chairman of PSM) to deliver and this is one of his KPIs (Key Performance Index),” he said as quoted by MMO.

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PSM Open Day is one of Perbadanan Stadium Malaysia (PSM)’s core initiatives to bring more contents to the stadium. It would be such a waste if these assets, worth billions of ringgit, were not put to its fullest potential. Therefore today, over 140 individuals, who are captains of the entertainment industry from all over the world, came over to Stadium Nasional today to witness the ‘new PSM’ and the venue. Under the leadership of Tan Sri Tony Fernandes and its professional board of directors, PSM is now on a path to profitability for the first time. This was done via renegotiation of legacy contracts that were deemed exclusive, reducing the dependency of 3rd parties in facilities management and diversifying PSM’s revenue sources. For instance, the move by PSM to do in-house solution for certain maintenance contracts brought a total savings of RM5 million a year. Kudos to PSM! I hope that the Open Day would be a catalyst in convincing industry stakeholders that Kuala Lumpur is the destination of choice in ASEAN for world-class events. If we execute this well enough – it would bring tremendous benefits to the tourism sector too. Therefore, KBS as the owner of the largest event venue in Malaysia will continuously support PSM’s efforts to make KL Sports City a destination of choice. Let’s start making KL Alive again!

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Syed Saddiq believes that with BTS concert in Malaysia, the country will be able to boost its entertainment industry by making the country a destination for entertainment.

“Recently the biggest entertainment event we had was the Ed Sheeran concert and that went well. If people see that we’re capable of organising world class events it will attract investors.”

“I do not want to be left behind Singapore anymore. We’ve seen fans will fly from all over to Singapore (for events) because we’re not competitive and we’re losing out on this revenue,” Syed Saddiq added.

Malaysian ARMYs are ecstatic after receiving the news and they have been expressing their excitement on social media.

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