The whole Hong Kong entertainment industry has been shocked when 51-year-old Hong Kong singer Andy Hui was caught cheating with 30-year-old rising TVB starlet Jacqueline Wong via a leaked video.

The video shows the two behaving intimately in a taxi, and this has certainly strained Hui’s marriage to Cantopop queen Sammi Cheng and jeopardised Wong’s relationship with fellow TVB actor Kenneth Ma.


When the news broke out, netizen immediately stormed to the involving party’s social media to leave all sorts comments. Naturally, the one who received the most invasions were the culprits of the scandal, Hui and Wong.

However, it is noticeable to netizens that Wong has been actively deleting bad comments from all of her Instagram entries.

At first, she only turned off the comment section of her recent posts. But after a while, she enabled commenting on her posts again. However, there are only a few comments available and all of them are positive and bias in her favour.

Even her sister Scarlett Wong received the hit as a large number of netizens flocked to her Instagram page to leave negative comments about Jacqueline. After receiving so many negative comments, Scarlett has decided to unfollow her sister on Instagram.


It’s either Jacqueline has a lot of time on her hands – ‘cos she is rumoured to be “frozen” by TVB – or she simply wants to remove negative energy from her life. Either way, other people in her life are now suffering the consequences.

Though the issue is sort of solved – with each party involved in the scandal releasing their own statement to explain and to apologise – many people are still dissatisfied, especially since Wong has yet to apologise to Sammi.

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