The Korean sex scandal that shocked the world is still being talked about. New details have surfaced regarding Jung Joon-young (정준영)’s infamous chatrooms.

A woman, who only wants to be known as “A”, has come forward to alleged that she was sexually assaulted by 5 men in the chat group. The accused are Jung Joon-young himself, former F.T. Island member Choi Jong-hoon (최종훈), Burning Sun employee surnamed Kim, former employee of YG Entertainment Heo, and a businessman surnamed Park.

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The unfortunate incident took place during a fan-signing event in March 2016. After getting drunk with the aforementioned men, “A” found herself naked in a hotel bed with little to no memory of what happened the night before.


Last month, she reached out to lawyer Bang Junghyun via email. Through their conversation, she was able to identify at one voice file and 6 photos that was related to her sexual assault episode.

Jung Joon-young

SBS Fun E conducted an interview with “A” recently. Check out some highlights below:

Q. What is your relationship with the five members?

“I got to know Jung Joon Young in 2012 through an acquaintance, and I’ve known ‘Kim’ since 2013. One of my friends was dating Seungri at the time, so we used to hang out as a group. In early 2016, Jung Joon Young called me to grab a drink for the first time in a while, as he was hosting a fan signing event. The five members of the group chatroom and I, a total of six people, had drinks in three different locations. I was a bit drunk, but there were two more celebrities, and since I had known them for a few years, I let my guard down. They told me they booked a suite at a hotel and wanted to drink more there, but as soon as I drank alcohol (at the hotel), I lost consciousness.

Q. What was going on when you woke up?

I woke up because my head was hurting. My clothes were off, and Choi Jong Hoon was lying next to me, laughing. Since I did not have any clothes on, I asked them, ‘What is going on?’ They said, ‘You don’t remember?’ and chuckled. They came close to me while I was fully naked and teased me by saying, ‘Try looking for your underwear.’ ‘Heo’ even poked me around while jokingly suggesting that we should have sexual intercourse. When I told them to stop, they gave me back my underwear. I found my clothes, got dressed, and got out of the hotel. That’s what I remember from that day.”

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Q. Were you not suspicious of getting sexually assaulted at the time?


I do not remember anything after I lost consciousness after drinking at the hotel. I was taking pills for a panic disorder, so I loosely thought that might have been (the reason I passed out). The back of my head was swollen as if I had hit (my head) against something. When I woke up fully naked in the morning, I felt shameful, but I wasn’t aware of what was going on, and I couldn’t ask. After I got out of the hotel, Jung Joon Young, Choi Jong Hoon, and ‘Kim’ contacted me as if nothing happened. Choi Jong Hoon even said, ‘See you later.’ It was hard for me to rashly ask them.”

Q. Did you contact them following reports of the group chat rooms?

I contacted Choi Jong Hoon and ‘Kim.’ When I asked, ‘Did you film hidden camera footage of me?’ They said they absolutely did not. They told me, ‘We didn’t even talk about you (in the chatrooms), please believe us.’ They even said, ‘Do not worry. Let’s meet up.’ I realised that it would be difficult to expect a sincere apology from them or for them to reflect on themselves.”


Q. What made you decide to sue them?

It’s painful every time I think about that day. Because it is embarrassing and it pains me, I deliberately tried to not talk about what happened that day. After I saw reports about the group chat rooms, I realised that even though I considered them as my close friends, it wasn’t the same for them. I can’t help but to think that they simply treated me like an object. I was ashamed. I hope they pay for their crimes.

Q. How do you feel now that you are about to file a lawsuit?

I’m worried that I might encounter retaliation or if the police will even carry out a proper investigation. The police stated that they have investigated the group chat rooms, but I have never been contacted by the police. I don’t know what will happen to me if (the five members) say they did no such thing. I’m scared that my identity will be exposed and that people will know that I was victimised.”

Source: All Kpop.

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