Bad news for Malaysian EXOLs! Last month, we’ve reported that an EXO-themed cafe called the Brussette Cafe will be opening in Malaysia very soon, and this has certainly gotten many Malaysian EXOLs excited.

However, yesterday we received news from some of our readers that the so-called “cafe” might be a huge scam! Scary much!

According to various sources from Twitter, the cafe which is said to be dedicated to EXO and EXOLs, never existed and the admin of the cafe has been scamming EXO fans for unknown reasons.

Several netizens on Twitter have noted that the cafe looked suspicious from the start. One user has noted that from the poster designs, the whole thing already seems very fishy.


According to some users, the admin of the cafe even pretended to be someone else by stealing a photo of young man named Adam, and claimed that he is one of the baristas at the cafe, when it actual fact, he has nothing to do with the cafe.

Another user has explained reasons why the whole cafe looks sketchy and is too good to be true in a long Twitter thread.

“At first, it was believable. But things started to get fishy when I found out that the cafe is not a shop lot but instead a triple storey house located in Mont Kiara and the owner of the cafe decided to turn the house into a cafe,” read the tweet.

Other info which netizens found questionable about the cafe is that it even claim to provide a free shuttle bus from Nu Sentral to the cafe for every events that will be held there. Plus, for every drink that you purchase, you will be given 9 cup sleeves. (How generous of them!)

Furthermore, it is said that the owner bought the 3-storey house for RM30k and spent around RM350k for renovations. Fans found this hard to believe since it’s impossible to get a cheap 3-storey house at an elite place like Mont Kiara.

Also, the cafe claimed that they will have 9 chefs cooking, and 2 of them are top chefs from Dubai hotels, and each chef’s salary is only RM2.2k. (Seriously?) The cafe is also said to be able to fit 500 customers at once.

“Whoever is behind this, please come out and explain the whole thing. Why are you giving hopes and excitement to Malaysian EXOLs? Why are you using EXO to gain attention? Stop with whatever you’re doing its never too late to apologise.”

“You really got people excited and let them down. I don’t know what is your real intention in doing this but please know that you’ve caused too much dramas and broke fans heart,” read the tweet.

It seems that Brussette Cafe has already deactivated their social media accounts even though they previously claimed that they will take legal action on whoever is spreading false rumours about the cafe.

Guess who’s the culprit now huh?

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