If you find the normal boba tea is too boring for you, then you may want to try this local bar’s brand new concoctions, spiked boba tea!

Available at Young Masters in TTDI, the unique alcoholic drinks seem to be named after 2 famous Pokemon, the Teagglypuff (Jigglypuff) and Milo Bobasaur (Bulbasaur) – how cute!

The Teagglypuff is a mixture of milk tea, Malibu rum, Jameson Irish whiskey, and brown sugar bona, while the Milo Bobasaur is a combination of Milo, Baileys Irish cream and brown sugar bona.

Young Masters is certainly not the first Malaysian bar to come up with alcoholic bubble tea drinks. Previously, Coley Lumpur had also created an Irish whiskey and bubble tea cocktail.

Furthermore, thanks to the crazy boba trend, MyPizzaLab introduced Boba Milk Pizza as well as Jasmine Tea Tiger Beer Boba and Aged Pu-er Tiger Beer Boba at Tiffin last year.

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