Drama ensued at the recent Malaysian Film Festival (FFM30) when Fazura and her husband Fattah Amin appeared as award presenters together on stage.

It is said that Fazura had allegedly made personal request to the organiser that she will only present awards at FFM30 if it’s together with her husband.

The actress-cum-singer has denied the allegations saying that she never set such condition, adding that she and her husband received separate invitations but at the very last minute, production staffs asked them to present the awards together.

“I’m shocked to find out that there’s a blog reporting such news. The allegation saying that I will only appear if Fattah accompany me is not true at all. This is a serious accusation because being in the industry for 17 years, I know the procedure of FFM events,” she told BH Online.

Fazura also said that she is shocked to receive a message from Datuk Hans Isaac who accused her of making her own decision and not respecting other artists.

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“The allegations are baseless … This should be explained as it has gone viral and it gave bad reputation to me and my husband.”

Fazura now wants Hans Isaac to apologise to her and her husband for tarnishing their names, but Hans has told Kosmo that he won’t apologise to the couple as the things he said was done privately.

“I didn’t make any public statements about the situation. I just sent a personal message to Fazura after the event was over. What the media reports is not from me, thank you,” Hans clarified.

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