Taiwanese actor Jerry Yan is the latest victim who has been linked to Seungri’s scandal.

The 42-year-old star has apparently trended on Weibo yesterday when it was found that he was one of the attendees at Seungri’s private party at the OMNI night club in 2015.

Source: Sohu

However, some fans have defended Yan, saying that he only attended the party to maintain business connections and meet some industry people, and it has no relation with Seungri at all.


After the brouhaha, the rumours naturally reached Yan, and he explained that he was there to meet Jackie Chan’s son Jaycee. It was only the next day that he found out Seungri was also at the event.

Source: World Journal

Jerry Yan is not the first Taiwanese linked to Seungri’s scandal. Previously Darren Wang and Chen Bolin were also tied to the case, but both of them have denied the allegations.

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