2019 may have just started, but we are already feeling the heat from these K-pop rookie groups!

It seems like we’re in for a year of new bops and groups to get into, as the list just seems to be growing with time. Here are five new rookie groups to pay attention to this year!



First up we have strong competitors, ONEUS! You may find the some familiar faces while watching their music video, as the members are actually from Produce 101 Season 2! That’s right, RBW’s first idol boy group has finally debuted and they have caused quite the stir! Coming from the home of powerful vocalists like Mamamoo and Vromance, ONEUS do indeed have rather big shoes to fill. Their debut single, “Valkyrie” seem to be doing quite well though; with a catchy chorus, groovy beat and killer choreo— it looks like a bright future ahead for these boys.


Not quite new names on the scene, we first heard of ATEEZ late last year when they first made their debut. However with the release of their second EP and title track “Say My Name” it seems as though their fandom as snowballed into twice the size it was before! Rather impressive for a rookie group, it looks as though ATEEZ can only go up from here on. Netizens are predicting that they may be a modern day BTS; sharing similar beginnings with coming from smaller, unknown companies but bursting with talent and charisma. Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure; ATEEZ is definitely here to stay.

3. Cherry Bullet

Time for some refreshing girl groups for a change! FNC Entertainment surprised us with the debut of their new girl group, Cherry Bullet (a first since AOA back in 2012!) and their adorably poppy single, “Q&A”. Toning down the toughness of their looks with pastels and neon colours, the girls seem to have perfected the art of being cute yet sophisticated. It was a relief to see member Hayoon making her debut after seeing her on Produce48 last year, winning our hearts with her raw vocals. Now alongside several new and absolutely gorgeous faces, we can’t wait to see what Cherry Bullet will bring to the table!


Though they haven’t officially debuted yet, the excitement and hype is on for JYP’s new girl group. Not having seen anything since TWICE in 2015, there is intrigue on what kind of sound,concept and image ITZY would have. Judging from their teaser, we can deduce that they are most probably going for the girl crush concept; a tougher look that’s most notable by acts like BLACKPINK, CLC and PRISTIN V. Regardless, we’re going to be refreshing our browsers in anticipation!

5. TXT


Yet another group that has yet to officially debut, it’s no secret that TXT is probably the most anticipated debut of the year. Being BTS’ successors, we can only wonder about the possibilities that BigHit Entertainment have crafted. With all the heights that BTS has achieved, what would TXT have in store for us? As of now, we haven’t got the slightest clue. Barely giving any hints as to what genres or concepts the group would be going for, we see fans grabbing at straws to form possible assumptions. Despite all of this, TXT has garnered a shocking amount of buzz – especially when you factor in that we don’t even have a debut date yet!

So which one out of these are you most excited for? We know that regardless, we’re in for one helluva ride this year!

Article by Leyasheena Panicker. 

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