Following the exciting fan meeting in Quill City Mall earlier this week, HOManiacs were finally gathered in one big space to see Wang Leehom (王力宏) for the main event.

Something interesting happened after the “Descendants of the Dragon 2060” (龙的传人 2060) concert was over though. As concert-goers were exiting Stadium Merdeka, there was one particular female fan that caught onlooker’s attention.

Source: WongCoral09/ Xuan

A lady dressed in black got people’s attention when she stood near the ticket redemption area with her luggage bag and held a white paper sign. The message is basically her declaration that she has been Leehom’s wife for the past 10 years and the singer should honour his commitment.


According to Chinese publication Xuan, the woman (Ms Gao) is a well-known fan. This is not the first time she has caused a scene. Previously, she had fought with security and had even threw a water bottle on stage during Leehom’s concert.

Wang Leehom
Source: Xuan

Do you think Leehom’s actual wife, Lee Jing Lei (李靚蕾), is aware of her uncanny persistence? Probably not.

Source: Xuan.

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