Yesterday, a nude video of a young man who allegedly looked like singer Aiman Tino has gone viral on social media last night.

After staying silence for almost a day, the 20-year-old singer finally issues a statement today on his social media.


The singer asked the public to give him and his team some space so that they can find the best solution to solve this issue.

“We’re looking for the best way to ensure that this issue is solved immediately and will not be prolonged,” he wrote.

“Action will be taken against those seeking to bring up the issue again.”

The singer also expressed his gratitude towards those who believed and supported him throughout his journey, especially his family, friends and loyal fans.

“To all my loyal fans, thank you for your advice and continuous support. I love all of you,” the “Permata Cinta” singer added.


In the statement, Aiman neither admit nor deny that he is the man in the video.

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