The scandal surrounding Seungri is slowly but surely unfolding. The latest news involve Jung Joon-young (정준영).

Shortly after the BigBang member dropped a bombshell by announcing his retirement, local broadcaster SBS reported that Jung Joon-young had illicitly taped sex videos and shared them with his celebrity friends.

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According to Dispatch, Jung Joon-young had more than 10 group and one-on-one chatrooms where he posted illegal hidden camera footage that included sexual activities going on behind the scenes.


SBS also obtained 10 months worth of dialogue (which begin at the end of 2015) that contained video contents of approximately 10 women who had been secretly filmed. One of those group chats involved Seungri.

Jung Joon-young
Source: Koreaboo

As per Soompi via Dispatch, Jung Joon-young’s chatrooms were mainly divided into two groups. One of those groups were for business purposes with mutual acquaintances of Seungri. The other were his own friends who had no affiliation with the BigBang singer.

Singer “C” was involved in the former while singer “L” was in the latter group. Seungri’s business partner, Mr K had cooperated with Jung Joon-young on multiple occasions in regards to their hidden camera shenanigans.

One of the conversations reads:

A: X had a one-night stand with Y (member of a girl group).

B: Hey X, is Y tasty?

C: I met Z yesterday.

D: Ah! Z is a whore.”


A separate conversation went as follows:

Jung Joon Young: What’s the name of your title track?

A: Title track? OOOOO.

Jung Joon Young: Oh, it’s a song for vaginas.”

Jung Joon-young
Source: AllKpop

When Jung told Kim about his sexual episode with a woman, SBS claimed that Jung sent a 3-second clip to Kim. He also allegedly shared photos of women who were unconscious.

Since news broke, reports say that Jung will be edited out of his upcoming shows including “1 Night 2 Days”, “4 Wheeled Restaurant 3”, and “Salty Tour”.

Sources: AsiaOne, Soompi, All Kpop.

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