Love was in the air when electronic duo, Honne was in town. The band which consisted of James Hatcher and Andy Clutterbuck, decided to grace KL Live with their presence on the 1st and 2nd of March. Known for hits like “Day 1” and “Good Together”, the band returned to the country with their new headline show.

Initially, the showcase was scheduled to be a 1-day thing, but due to high demand, a 2nd show was added, and tickets were selling like crazy!


The night of the concert started off with a local act. The local singer, NYK took the stage, performing tunes off his mini album, “UNLOVABLE”. His chill aura and R&B music acted well as a good warm-up for the big act.

Even though, there were times where the pronunciation of the lyrics weren’t clear, it was easy to look pass it when he belted out falsetto notes perfectly. It was also refreshing to see him exhibit such charisma on stage that seem to come so naturally to him. This definitely helped him connect and entertain the crowd.

Soon after his performance, the lights were dimmed and the crowd went wild. They knew it was an indication for the arrival of their favourite duo. The moment they were all waiting for was finally here.

The electronic band kicked off the show with a rendition of their hit “Me & You”. Its upbeat melody and lyrics served as the perfect ice-breaker. It was the perfect way to introduce themselves.

The band then followed it up with fan-favourite tunes like “Good Together” and “Location Unknown”. The performance for “Sometimes” became the highlight of the night as singer Andy Clutterbuck, sang with an auto-tune effect while clinging to his electronic guitar and keyboard for background sounds.

No doubt, this haunting ballad was an intimate performance. The auditorium was quiet as the spotlight shined on him. The vulnerable lyrics and minimalistic aspect of the performance spoke to the audience on a personal level. It sparked intimate expressions among the audience as they were singing along to the words.


Before bidding their farewell, the band took time to thank the crowd for the show success. “Guys thank you so so so so much, We absolutely love you.”

The night then ended with an encore for “Day 1”. Although the audience were quite responsive before, this number caused a stronger reaction among them as they sang and cheered louder.

This number was the perfect way of saying goodbye. Its lyrics serve as a reminder to fans that no matter the outcomes, they will always be the band’s top priority.

Image sources: All Is Amazing.

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