After a Los Angeles-based ice cream company created the White Rabbit candy ice cream, it took the internet by storm. Now, the hype has even gotten over to Malaysia where not 1, but 2 stores are selling it!

However, it turns out that the owner of the iconic sweets are not very pleased about it.


As the ice cream hype gone viral in the U.S., it somehow caught on with Chinese netizens who demanded a domestically-produced product. Naturally, the news reached White Rabbit’s parent company Guanshengyuan, who apparently are not so happy about it.

According to the company, it has never given permission to American company Wanderlust Creamery to sell an ice cream flavour named after its product.

The Shanghai firm is currently looking to get in touch with the American company to investigate the alleged infringement.

Since then, all mentions of the White Rabbit ice cream as well as images have been completely removed from Wanderlust Creamery’s Instagram.

According to Radii, Wanderlust has explained that they never use any White Rabbit wrappers or imagery on their ice cream.

The images of ice cream with White Rabbit logo wrappers that have gone viral on social media were just “promotional concept photos”. They also said that the official name for their ice cream is “The White”.

It is not known whether this will also affect the 2 stores in Malaysia that are currently selling the milk candy-flavoured ice cream.

For now, the 2 Malaysian shops selling the White Rabbit ice cream are Inside Scoop and Waka Waka Gelato.

Featured Image: Aliexpress, Wanderlust Creamery

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