A new bubble milk tea from Taiwan has just opened in Subang Jaya yesterday!

With the brown sugar bubble milk wave hitting Malaysia, Xing Fu Tang (幸福堂) came just at the right time.

What’s amazing is that the Taiwanese brand opened its first store in Taiwan on January 2018, but in just a year, the bubble milk tea company has already opened more than 60 stores across the globe.

Xing Fu Tang’s flagship drink, the stir-fried Brown Sugar Pearl Milk offers a unique taste thanks to their traditional recipe of stir-frying pearls with Taiwan-imported brown sugar.

The opening yesterday received an overwhelming response to the point where some customers have to wait for 2 whole hours to get their drinks.


With that, the store has decided to limit the number of serving per session for different batches of boba series.

Located just right next to The Alley and Pin Tea in Subang Jaya, Xing Fu Tang is offering a 50% discount on second cup of Brown Sugar Boba Fresh Milk. The promotion is only available until tomorrow (5th March 2019), so get it now while you can!

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