Malaysian actress and former member of girl band ELITE, Abby Abadi is under a lot of fire when she argued over Korean girl band BLACKPINK’s sexy attire in Malaysia.

The 41-year-old shared a clip of BLACKPINK’s concert video in Malaysia, and claimed that she is surprised that such concert is allowed in the country and no one is objecting it.


“How come no one is doing a demo on Blackpink. Their skirts are too short and they’re having concert in Malaysia…what’s so good about Blackpink? I’m sorry, I missed the latest trend,” she posted on Instagram.

She further compared the concert to Selena Gomez’s showcase in Malaysia back in 2016 which was harshly opposed by religious groups, but wonder why the Korean group didn’t get the same treatment.


Her post has infuriated many hardcore fans of BLACKPINK who asked her to mind the attire of local celebrities first – especially Muslims, before going for non-Muslim international celebrities.

Some even compared the famous Korean group’s attire to what ELITE members used to wear, and others even went as far as to attack the artist personally. Abby has now gone private on Instagram.

According to some comments, Abby made the statement to highlight about the artist’s attire as they did not follow the guidelines set in Malaysia, calling it a double standard when it comes to Korean celebrities.

What do you all think?

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