Just when you thought the divorce rumours surrounding the Song-Song couple has finally ended, it appears once again.

A week ago, a lot of netizens on Weibo have speculated that the famous Korean celebrity couple Song Hye-kyo and Song Joong-ki may be in the midst of divorce after the former started to delete a lot of her photos on Instagram.



But since the actress is still keeping a few photos of her with her husband, netizens heaved a sigh of relief, believing that it was only a rumour after all.

However, a new divorce rumour has surfaced when photos and videos of Song Hye-kyo that were caught before she flew to Singapore, has revealed that she is not wearing her wedding ring.


This has once again worried the couple’s fans and caused many netizens to wonder if the reel-to-real couple is still together.

Nevertheless, some fans chose to be positive about it and pointed out that the actress may have just forgotten to wear it, which is a mistake that many people can make.

So what do all think? Is this another baseless rumour? We sure hope so!

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