“Descendants of the Sun” stars Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo trended on Weibo today after rumours of them splitting have been making waves on the social media platform.

Rumours of the reel-to-real couple splitting up happen when fans noticed that Song Hye-kyo has started to delete a lot of her photos on Instagram, and she even changed her profile picture.


However, some fans noted that the 37-year-old actress is still keeping a few photos of her with Joong-ki including their wedding picture, photo of them on “Descendants of the Sun”, and another snapshot of them together at a fan meeting event.

Check it below:




With these photos still remain, fans believed that the divorce speculation is nothing but a rumour. One fan on Twitter noted that Hye-kyo deletes her Instagram photos from time to time, and it’s nothing new.

Fans have also been leaving messages on the actress’ photos, asking the “Song-Song couple” not to split up and always stay together!

Seriously, let’s hope that this rumour remains a rumour.

Source: Sina Weibo


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