Everyone can sing, but not all of them can do it well, especially when it comes to live singing.

Malaysia has tons of talented singers with amazing vocal prowess who are recognised globally, some of them include Siti Nurhaliza, Yuna, Shila Amzah, Fish Leong, Sheila Majid, and more.


Though our country has a lot of singing talents, not everyone is capable of churning out a good vocal. Thus, those who are unable to have to rely on engineering effects and auto-tune that are used to turn their shaky vocals into musical masterpieces.

Thanks to advancements in technology, many singers today can sound impressive on a record but when it comes to singing live, they can barely hold a tune.

In recent years, we see a surge of celebrities from non-musical background who cross over into music careers. Some of them have achieve success, but others have been horribly criticised by fans and critics.

Here are 8 celebs who were badly criticised by fans for their vocals.

1Ezuwan Ismail

Fashion designer Ezuwan Ismail recently made his debut as a singer in a 3-member outfit called E1 alongside models Zulyasrani and Ariff Imran. The group has just released their very first single titled “Semalam Sahaja” and as expected, it was widely criticised by netizens.


Before the song was released, Malaysian actress-comedian Rozita Che Wan released a statement which seems to be directed towards the designer, calling his voice “macam tercekik sudu” (choking on a spoon). After the music video was released, many agreed with the female comedian’s statement. Some even asked the members to just stick to their own careers.

2Aliff Syukri

Controversial entrepreneur-turned-singer Dato Aliff Syukri is no stranger to criticism. The cosmetic millionaire has already released 3 singles; “Abang Nak Tegur”, “Bobo Di Mana”, “Biar Apa Orang Kata”, but so far, all 3 songs have received more dislikes than likes on YouTube, except for the version which he sings with his wife, Datin Shuhada.

Despite what others said, the businessman is very confident with his vocal capabilities, saying that “it is already of a high standard”. Then again, some netizens chose to agree to disagree.

3Nur Sajat


Another cosmetic millionaire Nur Sajat who is a frequent collaborator of Aliff Syukri as well as his best friend, has been featured in 2 of Aliff Syukri’s famous singles; “Abang Nak Tegur” and “Bobo Di Mana”. Though some people blamed her for making the 2 songs worse, it hasn’t stop her from making music.

Last year, Sajat released her very own single titled “Makhluk Penggoda” featuring Aliff Syukri. Like all of her other music videos, this one has gotten a lot of dislikes too, but according to Sajat, she is only doing all of this as a hobby and for fun.

4Dato Seri Vida

Qu Puteh and Pamoga founder Dato Seri Vida is probably the person who started the entrepreneur-turned-singer trend, thanks to her annoyingly catchy hit single “I Am Me”. Love her or hate her, many can’t deny that the song is indeed very catchy, which is why it has gotten more than 12 million views on YouTube.

Following her hit song, Dato Seri Vida has released other singles for different occasion including “Lavida Raya”, “Lavida Go Bola” and “Sayang Pulanglah Sayang” featuring Cat Farish and Eddie G. Most of her songs are quite accepted by the majority, even though there are still people who think that she shouldn’t sing.

5Safiey Ilias

The latest personality to join the entrepreneur-turned-singer trend is fellow beauty cosmetic millionaire Safiey Ilias. The social media star released her debut single titled “Syinta Gila” and has been receiving mainly positive reaction, even though many are aware that the song is doused with auto-tune.

Nevertheless, majority of netizens applaud Safiey for the positive and empowering message in the song as well as music video. Many also compared the song with Aliff Syukri and Sajat’s “Bobo Di Mana”, saying that the former is definitely way better than the latter.

6Janna Nick

Janna Nick started off her career as an actress in 2012, but in 2016, she began to dabble in music with the release of her debut single, “Mungkin Saja”, followed by her follow-up single, “Akan Bercinta”. While the 2 songs are fairly loved by fans, most feel indifferent when they hear her live singing.

One of her infamous performances was during last year’s Drama Festival Kuala Lumpur (DFKL 2018) where she performed her 2nd single “Akan Bercinta” on stage. Her performance on that day was widely criticised and many plead to her to stop singing and just focus on her acting career.


Fazura also launched her entertainment career as an actress where she made her debut in 2002. She landed her first leading role in 2004 for the film “Bicara Hati” where she earned a nomination for Most Promising Actress. To date, Fazura has won herself 20 awards and 19 nominations in the local industry.

The 35-year-old entered the music industry in 2014 when she recorded her first single “Sayangi Dirimu”, which became the theme song for her biographical documentary “Facing Up to Fazura”. She officially launched her singing career in 2017 with her eponymous album, “Fazura”. Despite having the passion for singing, Fazura’s is often labeled by netizens as someone who can’t sing especially after they heard her live performances.

8Neera Azizi

Actress-turned-singer Neera Azizi debuted in 2016 and is known for several drama series such as “Sayangku Kapten Mukhriz” (2016), “Miss Kapten Cikgu Waiz” (2017), and “Melankolia” (2018). The 20-year-old launched her music career last year with the release of her debut single “Rasa Hati”. However, the single didn’t receive a warm welcome among listeners.

Netizens have compared the single to Aliff Syukri and Nur Sajat’s works and many even condemned her live performances, asking her to stop jeopardising her career and image with singing. Nevertheless, the young star said that the criticism will only make her want to try harder instead of giving up.

Do you agree with our list? Who else do you think we should include? Let us know!

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