Malaysian rock outfit Drama Band’s new music video for their latest song “Drama” have been labeled as many by netizens – bold, honest, hilarious, rude, cheap, insensitive and many more.

This is because, the video seems to be making fun of several known local celebrities in Malaysia including Haqiem Rusli, Nabila Razali, Haneesya Hani, and Ernisha.


Before the MV starts, the band has already clarified that the characters in the video are mere creations and have nothing to do with real-life individuals, but many people think otherwise.

Some of the issues highlighted in the MV include Haqiem Rusli’s depression case, Nabila Razali’s breakup with Aedy Ashraf, and Dewi Remaja’s controversy involving Haneesya Hani and Ernisha.

Though many have complimented the video for its catchy music as well as its honest and bold approach, not everyone is a fan. Some viewed the video as disrespectful and insensitive, saying that it’s a cheap marketing ploy using other celebrities’ fame as a channel.

Former titleholder of Dewi Remaja Haneesya Hani has also voiced out her frustration regarding the video saying that “it’s not even funny”, adding “I hope your band get all the attention you need.”

Meanwhile, Haqiem Rusli has been taking it quite positively as he believed that there may be a reason why the MV is made this way. “Be it good or bad, I take the advice with an open heart.”

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