Social media is without a doubt a scary place, especially for celebrities. Everything you posted or shared on your account will be judged by the world due to your status.

In other words, celebs don’t really have a freedom when it comes to posting their moments, photos, or status on social media, which is why actress Nabila Huda decided to voice out this phenomenon.

Recently, there has been many cases where Malaysian celebrities got exposed on social media where they did something society deemed as unforgivable.

There’s the recent issues with Dewi Remaja, Emma Maembong, Zul Ariffin, Linda Rafar, and more. All of which stemmed from social media.

Seeing this phenomenon happening too often, award-winning actress Nabila Huda who is known for being vocal, voiced out on the issue in a long post on her Instagram.

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“Social media is a scary place. It’s being misused by the new generation. If we leave it be, it’ll be worse. I can not stay quiet. It is hurtful to see my celebrity friends get bullied publicly on social media,” she said.

“Everything about us is bad. Evil, bad influence, only Hell awaits us. It’s too much already. Nothing good can come from us who are known as ‘artist’. Do they know the struggle we’ve been through? Our hard work, our honesty, but they only see our bad side and weakness.”

The 34-year-old actress went on to explain that celebrities are humans too, and it is normal for human to make mistakes. “We are human beings. The only difference is that we’re also public figure. But that doesn’t mean that we need to be perfect.”

Nabila Huda who is the daughter of rockstar Amy Search said that she is saddened that nowadays people are more interested in artists’ personal dramas rather than their career.

“Enough of that. I think it’s about time. Let’s educate them. From today onwards, stop posting anything about our personal life on social media. Less post will help. Only post about your work, your next project, all about your career,” she added.

“They don’t deserve to know the real you! We shared too much on social media until it becomes a habit for them to want to know everything about us.”

Nabila also said that celebrity should stop apologising in public. She believed it is not needed for celebrities to apologise to the whole Malaysia if it’s a mistake involving your own life and not others. “Just apologise to your parents and family, and too Allah. Enough. Full stop.” 

Many celebrities including Elfira Loy, Alicia Amin, Mira Filzah, Janna Nick, Jihan Muse, and more supported her statement.

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