Chinese New Year 2019 is upon us. Visit most Chinese restaurants and you’re bound to come across people tossing yee sang. Well, Tony Roma’s is also joining in on the festive tradition.

For this CNY season, the franchise is welcoming diners to their Fortune Feast menu. The 2 special Ong Lai Salad (which is available from now till 28th February) features the Prosperity Salad with Grilled Salmon (RM 58.88) and the Wealthy Salad with Baby Octopus (RM 48.88).


While most yee sang sold usually come in raw salmon, those who prefer it cooked will gravitate towards the Grilled Salmon. As a sushi fan though, yours truly couldn’t get enough of those juicy baby octopus.

The ingredients to both salads (or yee sang) include fresh salad mix, slices of pineapple, carrot, crisp cucumber, citrusy fresh pomelo, chunky roasted walnut and the meat of your choice. However, the secret ingredient that really seals the deal here is the crispy fried wonton skin.

Of course, that’s not all. Whether you’re coming with a plus one or larger group of loved ones and friends, Fortune Feast menu has the Reunion Meal as well as the Buddy Meal.


Priced at RM 138.88, the Reunion Meal consists of a full slab of flame-grilled Lamb Ribs with half BBQ chicken and half signature Kickin’ Shrimp served with 4 side dishes. Meanwhile, the Buddy Meal (RM 98.88) features 2 well-seasoned, grilled lamb shoulder with half a BBQ chicken served and 4 side dishes.

Burger fans will also get to opt for a selection of 3 special options – the Beef Burst Burger, Steakhouse Burger and the Wild Mushroom Burger.

Happy eating folks 😉

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