Chinese actress Fan Bingbing was involved in one of China’s biggest scandals in 2018. After she was found guilty for tax evasion, the 37-year-old actress has been staying out of the radar with rumours claiming that she is retiring from show business for good.

But recently Chinese social media has speculated that the actress is planning to make a showbiz comeback after photos of the actress sporting a new line of sunglasses had leaked online.


The brand behind the products is a Chinese eyewear brand named Prsr, which Fan has been a longtime ambassador of. But according to various sources, the shots come from the the company’s new 2019 catalogue.

The comeback news became even more certain when Chinese netizens noticed that in a recent interview with Marie Claire hinting at her upcoming project. It reads, “Next, she’s preparing for the Cuban spy film Wasp Network, with director Olivier Assayas, and ‘355’, an all-female spy thriller.” 

“Written by Theresa Rebeck, it co-stars Jessica Chastain (the film’s producer), Cotillard, Lupita Nyong’o, and Fan Bingbing. They haven’t set a date for principal photography yet: ‘A few of us are moms,’ Cruz explains, ‘so we’re trying to make sure it happens in the summer.’”


From the interview, it doesn’t look like Fan will be pulling out of the project and her work studio also did not comment on the interview. Thus, many fans have speculated that the actress may plan to focus her career in Hollywood from now on instead of China.

It’s probably the smart move given the circumstances.

Sources: Radii, Toggle.

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