Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) has been experiencing a tumultuous past few months because of her overdue taxes and fines – approximately $129 million (884 million yuan) in total.

With that behind her, it seems like the 37-year-old actress is taking a step back from the spotlight – namely the show business. Her focus will be shifting towards her prolong nuptials with fiance Li Chen (李晨).

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Word on the street has it that the lovebirds will get married on 2nd February 2019. This news comes courtesy of Hong Kong’s Oriental Daily News (ODN). After Li Chen proposed to Fan Bingbing last September, the couple was supposed to hold a wedding in a castle in Britain in September this year.


However in late May, the Chinese star became involved in a scandal (the so-called “yin-and-yang contracts”) in an attempt to avoid paying more taxes. In August, it was announced that she was banned from acting for 3 years to the tax-evasion case. Since being found guilty, Fan Bingbing posted a lengthy apology letter, regretting her actions.

Fan Bingbing
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2 days after her Weibo post, her beau also took to social media to voice his support. “No matter how difficult it may be, we will get through this together,” Li Chen wrote. The actor’s company retweeted the message, adding, “Same as always, through thick and thin“. He has also been shying away from the spotlight ever since Fan Bingbing’s drama made headlines.

Last we heard, her latest movie with Bruce Willis titled “Air Strike” (also commonly translated as “Unbreakable Spirit” or “The Big Bomb”) was cancelled. In just few short months, China’s most beloved woman has been turned into a symbol of corruption. Over the past few years, the actress has endorsed 122 brands – many of which have distance themselves.

By taking a hiatus and focusing on her personal life, perhaps we might see Fan Bingbing bounce back stronger than ever.

Sources: Strait Times, The Verge.

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