Local jeweller, Habib Jewels has made a huge blunder yesterday by sharing the wrong photo of Elfira Loy’s engagement, despite their good intentions.

The company had posted a congratulatory message to Elfira Loy by posting a throwback photo of her engagement day, but the photo shared was a photo of her engagement with her former lover Sufian Suhaimi.


The caption of the photo read, “Habib recalls memories of Elfira Loy during her engagement day on 2nd September 2018. Congratulations to Elfira and Haris who recently married on 1st January 2019.”

After realising their grave mistake, the company immediately remove the post on Facebook, but some netizens managed to screenshot it nonetheless.

Habib later shared an apology post which has now been removed as well. The company explained that the blunder was “a mistake on our social media team. We sincerely apologise to the artist, her husband, and her fans on the error and wish the loving cups a happy marriage till Jannah. InshaAllah.”

Actress Elfira Loy recently tied the knot with Muhammad Faris Khairol Anuar, a manager in a telecommunications company in Kuala Lumpur, on New Year’s Day. The 24-year-old actress got engaged to singer Sufian Suhaimi in October 2017 but called off the engagement in February 2018.

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