The highly anticipated 3rd season of “Asia’s Got Talent” returns to AXN next month, featuring a variety of acts from 17 countries with performers ranging in age from 6 years old to 69 years old.

Global music icons and experts David Foster, Anggun and Jay Park return to the judges’ table to witness a new generation of talents, and ultimately Asia’s next superstar.


“Asia’s Got Talent isn’t just about performing, it’s about the storytelling of diverse cultures that all unite on the region’s biggest stage in pursuit of one dream,” said Virginia Lim, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Sony Pictures Television Networks, Asia.

Though the 3 judges will take the hot seat to determine who goes through to the next round in the first five episodes, it is the audience – the ‘4th judge’ – who will vote in the semi-final episodes to determine the ultimate winner and who will win a life-changing prize of USD100,000.

Hosted by Alan Wong and Justin Bratton, “Asia’s Got Talent” set to premiere on Thursday, 7th February at 8.30pm on AXN.

But before the season’s premiere, here are some facts we know about “Asia’s Got Talent” Season 3.

1. What kind of performer they want to win this season?

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The 1st season of “Asia’s Got Talent” was won by a Filipino shadow play group, El Gamma Penumbra, while  Indonesian spooky magician, The Sacred Riana was declared as the 2nd season winner.

For the 3rd season, David Foster hopes that a singer will be the winner, while Jay wants a magician to win once again. “I want a magician to win again. Because there are so many different singing competitions out there, but there isn’t that many competition for a variety act or where a magician can win,” Jay commented

“But then we have yet to see. Because so far, we’ve only known them from the audition, we haven’t seen more of them,” Anggun added.

2. Most important element that the contestants should have.

Everyone who joined this competition has their own unique talent, but that doesn’t guarantee that they can win the competition. If you’re already good at what you’re doing, some may believe that you would need to maintain the consistency, but not David.

“I don’t like consistency, because if you’re consistent means that you’re staying at the same level. I think you need to up your game every time. Otherwise, it doesn’t impress us, and it doesn’t impress the audience, and they will get bored,” he said.

3. Hopes to top last year’s rating.

Thanks to The Sacred Riana, “Asia’s Got Talent” Season 2 took the regional spotlight as the top-rated original production in 2017, securing AXN as the number 1 channel in its time slot among all regional pay-TV channels collectively in Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore.

So with the impressive achievement from last season, the judges certainly hope that they can get better achievement for this season. “Who doesn’t want to top last year. Just like the acts, they need to get better throughout the show. So it’s the same thing with the show, it needs to get better every season. So hopefully, we can top last year,” Jay said

Anggun noted that the quality of the acts this year were actually better than last year and Jay agreed. Meanwhile, David commented, “It’s a great testament to the continent of Asia, AXN in particular, that can make a show that appeals to 21 countries. This is no minor achievement. This is a major achievement. It’s quite a feat.”

4. How do the winners strive internationally?

According to Anggun, while talent and hard work are important for a person to be successful, but another important factor is luck. “Obviously it takes a lot of work but the luck factor is often ignored, even though it is one of the key elements to success.”

“Whoever wins the show will usually go viral, and they often catch the eye of international audience, such as Riana who also competed on ‘America’s Got Talent’,” Jay added.

David also noted that The Sacred Riana got the most views on Facebook among all the other America’s Got Talent contestants.

5. What happens when Simon Cowell doesn’t like you?

The judges admitted that the acts from the 2nd season certainly set the bar really high for this year’s contestants, especially The Sacred Riana, which is why the show has more variety acts this year.

“Riana got stumbled in America from Simon. She just spooked Simon. He just didn’t like her. When Simon doesn’t like someone, they don’t stand much of a chance. She would’ve gotten a lot further if she didn’t get on Simon’s bad books. We should kick Simon out of the show,” David joked.

6. What they look forward to as a judge on the show?

Anggun: “I just want to be blown away, I want to be touched by a performance. It can be anything. This is what I like about Asia’s Got Talent. It’s not just singers or magicians.” 

Jay: “I’m looking forward to being entertained and to be inspired, because a lot of the contestants there are all from different ages and backgrounds. Some people have hardships, some have unfortunate backgrounds – whatever may be, but they kind of persevered through all that, to work on something they’re so passionate about and put their soul out on the stage. I think it’s something that’s really inspiring and it keeps me going.”

David: “I’m looking for obviously, a star. but I’m not moved by the story when somebody says that he or she worked since 6 years old playing guitar or singing. That doesn’t move me, at all! You know why? Because that’s what you’re supposed to do! You’re supposed to work since you’re 6 years old, every day and every night, and every moment that you’re not in school. Instead of playing outside or having fun like a normal kid, you’re supposed to be working at your crap. That’s the only way you can be successful.” 

7. Talents they wish to see on the show.

From singer to dancer, magician, comedian, and more. You’d think you have seen it all! But apparently, according to Jay, until now the show has yet to see a good rapper in the competition.

“To be honest, we have yet to see a good rapper or like hip-hop based act. I’m talking about singing or music-wise, not dancing. I really want to see a good rapper on the show because I know that there’s a lot of good rappers in Asia such as in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam, so I don’t know why we have yet to see a good rapper, not even one,”  he said.

8. Taking on the judges’ advices.

The reason the show has a judge in the first place is for them to let the performers know if they’re good enough to shine in the entertainment industry. So for every season and every episode, the judges are there to give their critics on every performance on the show, hoping that the performers will improve each time they see them.

Most of the time, the performers are open to the judges’ advices – especially advices given by industry veteran and multi Grammy-winning producer David Foster who produced for various talented performers including Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera, Michael Bublé, Whitney Houston and more.

“It would be foolish not to take Mr Foster’s advice because that’s the best advice you can get. You can’t any better advice than his,” Jay said.

David then continued, “But I’m not always right either. I’ve been wrong in my life hugely. They have to take that into account too. So if somebody really disagrees with me, then they’re going to have to stay their own course and we’ll find out if they’re right.”

9. Asians hold back a lot due to their shyness. 

There are plenty of creative minds and talents in Asia but as Anggun noted, the people in this region are quite reserved and timid when it comes to doing something that can make them stand out or go viral.

“We shouldn’t forget that as Asians, we’re kind of shy. We hold back a lot. So this kind of show helps people to be more out there, be more open, to be part of the world because the world is happening as we speak, and anyone can make it if you really put your heart and soul into it,” she said.

10. Future plans and projects

David Foster got out of retirement because of Michael Bublé and he will be producing his final album with the crooner. Also, the 69-year-old record producer is currently working on 3 to 4 musical projects and he hopes that at least 1 of them will make it on Broadway.

Anggun will be going on tour this month in Italy for “The Intimate Tour”, and she has several other projects in hands which she currently cannot reveal. Fret not though, she will announce it once the projects mature.

Jay Park is currently working on his 5th studio album “The Road Less Traveled“. He will also go on a world tour this year and he promised that Malaysia will be included as well.

11. Will the judges return for the next season of “Asia’s Got Talent”?

Jay: “Is there going to be a next season?”

David: If there is one.”

Jay: “I guess, we’ll have to see.”

Anggun: “What?!”

David: “Are you done?” 

Jay: Me? Well…” [laugh]

David: “Jay Park will not return for the next season.” 

Jay: “No. I love being on the show, but we’ll have to see.”

“Asia’s Got Talent” season 3 premieres on 7th February 2019.

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