If all of you still remember, Korean-American heartthrob Jay Park was supposed to come to Malaysia this year for hip-hop concert, Above Ordinary Malaysia, alongside other famous hip-hop artists including Simon Dominic, Rad Museum and Dean.

But the concert has been cancelled at the 11th hour, due to “unforeseen circumstances” as announced by the promoter. But the truth is, the concert was cancelled because “the guarantee, visa problem, flight…and more issues from Promoter and Agency,” as reported by Jay Park’s record label AOMG.

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[Above Ordinary Malaysia – Cancellation] – We are sorry to inform you that Jay Park and Simon Dominic’s appearance for Above Ordinary Malaysia has been canceled due to the delay of the guarantee, visa problem, flight not being confirmed until the day before the departure, and more issues from Promoter and Agency. We apologize to many of our fans who have been waiting for and hope there is no damaged by this. – 이번 박재범, 사이먼 도미닉 출연 예정이었던 어보브 오디나리 말레이시아 공연은 출연료 지급일 경과 및 미지급, 비자 문제, 출발 전일까지도 항공권이 확정되지 않는 등 프로모터와 에이전시로 인한 여러 문제들로 인하여 부득이하게 해당 아티스트들의 출연이 취소되었습니다. 저희를 기다려주신 많은 분들께 사과의 말씀을 드리오며, 이로인한 피해가 없었으면 합니다. –

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Recently, Jay Park has announced that he will be doing a tour next year. In his #askJayPark thread on Twitter, one fan asked if he’s planning a tour anytime soon, to which he replied, “New projects and World tour 2019. Gonna be a big year”.

Among the questions, one Malaysian fan tweeted, “Concert in Malaysia without cancelling challenge.” Jay Park replied the tweet by apologising for the previous cancellation and ensuring that he will definitely include Malaysia in his tour. “LOL… I’m sorry!! Definitely gonna stop by Malaysia on tour though. For sure!”


The former leader of South Korean boy band 2PM also said that he will announce the tour dates early next year after releasing his new rap album, “The Road Less Traveled” which features Malaysia rap king Joe Flizzow. After dropping the tour dates, Jay will also unveiled his new R&B project before going on the world tour.

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