It’s a common, romantic gesture among newlyweds, and yet, Raja Ilya is being condemned for kissing her husband in her wedding photos, reason being – she’s a Muslim and this act should be kept private.

So, actress Raja Ilya recently got married to an Australian businessman named Trent Garrett. The wedding reception was held last weekend in Perth, Australia.

While many congratulates the newlyweds, some people decided to be bitter and negative about it by condemning her decision to show off a photo of her kissing her husband.

“Do you need to show off the kissing photo? You’re too westernised,” read one comment. Another said, “Even though your action is halal, you should follow the Islamic customs, not the western ways.”

Some people even questioned if the husband has already converted to Islam and they also criticised Raja Ilya for not covering up properly.

At Hype Malaysia, we think that some people should really mind their own business and just be happy for the married couple.

Congrats once again to Raja Ilya and Trent Garrett!

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