What do you get when you mix K-pop and dangdut together? You get Ayda Jebat’s “Temberang”!

Ayda Jebat has recently released the music video of her latest single “Temberang”, which is directed by Brian Fang, Aaron Lee, and Ayda Jebat herself.


The music video is not only trending at number #1 on YouTube, but it has also reached 1 million views in merely 3 days, making it one of the fastest Malaysian music videos to reach the numbers.

Many fans have noticed that the music video has a similar vibe to Twice’s “Heart Shaker”. This is because Ayda Jebat has admitted that she is a Once (official fan name for Twice), thus her music video is indeed inspired from the aforementioned music video.


The song has been widely praised for its catchy tunes, simple dance steps, and Ayda’s decent appearance.

The song even received some love from Malaysian rapper Caprice who decide to make a remix out of it if his teaser received more than 100 million views on Instagram. It now has 96 million views.

So how do you find Ayda Jebat’s new K-pop-dangdut tune? Let us know in the comments!

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