Controversial Singaporean YouTuber Hirzi Zulkiflie or better known as Hirzi has released his parody version of DJ Snake’s latest hit “Taki Taki”.

Titled as “Nasi Nasi”, the video discusses about the similarities and differences between Singapore and Malaysia through the Malay dish nasi lemak.


In the video, Hirzi performed as his alter ego, Syasya Woke and he is joined by 2 Malaysian personalities KL YouTuber Yusof Hashim, better known as Ucop, who is dubbed as Malaysia’s King of Dubsmash, and singer and travel vlogger Johanis Sani from Shah Alam.

While the video is praised for its creative and funny lyrical content, it is widely condemned for the way nasi lemak is handled.


Many are not pleased that the video is sexualising and disgracing the iconic dish as it is placed on the chests of the dancers and a half naked body of a man.

Out of all of Hirzi’s parody video, “Nasi Nasi” has the most views, but also with the most dislikes. Nevertheless, Hirzi said on his Instagram that it is his “proudest body of work.”

“As a Singaporean Malay I never realise how much easier I have it and how despite all the first wave of conservative backlash, (Johanis) and Ucop, are still ride and die with me! I’m humbled,” he wrote.

“Like I said this song is about friendship and no borders, there’s a new movement party in town and we’re called the Nasi Lemak Party. I think for once, I want to be able to be Malay and proud, but at the same time my version of it.” 

“The Malay people have always been beautifully diverse and we don’t have to subscribe to just one way of life. While we should be able to claim the same heritage, we can also progress into our very diverse versions of our heritage.”

“Dear liberal/moderately-modern Singaporean Malays, maybe it’s been a decade since I’ve done these types of content that I become so conditioned but, we have it easy and let’s not take that for granted,” read the post.

In the video, Johanis is seen wearing Miss Universe Malaysia 2017 Nasi Lemak national costume designed by Brian Khoo.

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