Miss Universe Malaysia Jane Teoh failed to place in the Top 20 semifinalists at Miss Universe 2018 pageant. Even though many are already proud of her achievement, some felt that she could’ve done much better if she had proper guidance.

This has lead to some pageant supporters asking National Director Elaine Daly to step down and let someone else take over. One of the names fans suggested to take over the position is celebrity entrepreneur Nur Sajat.

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My love and heart goes out to @janeteoh_ Miss Universe Malaysia 2018. From being someone who was shy and unsure of what the future held, she is who she is today- A smart, brave, confident woman. I’ve had the pleasure of guiding and mentoring Jane over the past year and I say thank you Jane, for allowing me to be in your space and to work with me. You are one of the most hardworking and responsible people I know, beautiful, elegant, gentle. Your future is so bright and know that you have made me, the Mumo team, your family, the fans and Malaysia very proud of you. You did so well, beyond my expectations. ❤️ #JaneTeoh #Malaysia

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Sajat who attended Miss Universe pageant in Bangkok last weekend, also chimed in on her Instagram, saying that she is considering of taking over the Miss Universe Malaysia organisation.

“After seeing the contestants from other countries, do I need to take over this organisation so that the future contestants will be more prepared from head to toe and others? What do you all think? Many have suggested that I take over the organisation. But what do Malaysia think?” she asked on her Instagram post.

“We need quality contestant that has external beauty as well as the inner essentials such as boldness and brain to adapt to all sorts of challenges. This is so that Malaysia will be seen as good as Philippines, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Venezuela and other strong countries.”

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mmmm setelah melihat sendiri perserta dari negara lain. Perlukah saya mengambil alih organisasi ini di Malaysia agar perserta yg akan datang lebih bersedia dari segi persiapan head to toe dan lain lain.. dimasa akan datang? apa pendapat anda.. ramai yg memberi cadangan supaya saya mengambil alih organisasi ini.. apa kata anda? apa kata Malaysia? kita mahukan kualiti yg bermula dari kecantikan luaran dan juga yang penting keberanian & kepintaran untuk mengadaptasi segala bentuk cabaran agar nama baik Malaysia akan berada setanding sama tinggi dengan nama nama hebat spt Philipines, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Veneuzuela & banyak lagi. Gituuuuu. Apa tunggu lagi, ayuh kita mulakan #MissUniverseMalaysia #MissUniverse #OrganizationMissUniverse #WeCanDoIt #MalaysiaHebat #WanitaCantikMalaysia

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From the comments, many seems to support the notion and some even suggest the cosmetic millionaire to invest some money in the organisation so that she can obtain the license.

Sajat said that she is willing to invest RM1 million on Miss Universe Malaysia in order to revamp the organisation. “I want to show the world how pretty Malaysia girls are.”

For those of you who didn’t know, Sajat is no stranger to beauty pageants. She reportedly participated in Miss International Queen 2013 in Thailand and won the Best Talent award, Pattaya Mail reports. The competition is the world’s largest and most prestigious beauty pageant for transgender women.

The last time Malaysia entered the Top 15 semifinals of Miss Universe was back in 1970 via Josephine Wong. Since then, Malaysia failed to get placement in the semifinals of Miss Universe beauty pageant.

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