Miss Universe Malaysia Organisation (MUMO) has finally unveiled the national costume which will be worn by reigning Miss Universe Malaysia 2018 Jane Teoh at the 67th Miss Universe competition that is set to take place in Bangkok, Thailand on 17th December 2018.

If you’re impressed by last year’s Nasi Lemak gown, feast your eyes on the much-anticipated ‘Bangau Perahu’ National Costume based on an artistic interpretation of traditional Malay craftsmanship by designer Salleh Hamid.

“I was inspired by the rich Malay cultural history and traditional beliefs, the authenticity in the artistic craft of boat-making in the olden days, and the Malay art of ‘Awan Larat’ usually seen in carvings,” he said.

The unique national costume is inspired by the woodcarving of ‘bangau perahu’ (boat’s crane or sail guard) commonly seen on traditional fishing boats by the Malay community in the East Coast.

Salleh said that he spent 6 months incorporating the concept into the costume where he applied the ‘bangau’ on the right shoulder, ‘kook’ on the left shoulder, and ‘caping’ on the neck.

The costume gives off a warrior princess kind of vibe with its corset that shaped like an armour laden with woodcarving in a traditional Malay  pattern known as ‘Awan Larat’. To finish up the look, the costume comes with a blue custom-made boots designed by shoe designer Rhea Tan.

Meanwhile, designers Amar and Zeed of Amazé were the mastermind behind the stunningly sensual yet regal evening gown, featuring a silver beaded number sewn to perfection to accentuate Jane’s best asset – her shoulders.


Inspired by the architectural and structural lines of the Seri Wawasan Bridge in Putrajaya, the dress embodies  strong, confident woman and acts as an armour against a modern, challenging world.

The off-shoulder bodice top with a soft draping and a  mermaid-cut silhouette showcases rows of hand sewn embellishment  and intricate beadwork, designed to flatter Jane’s statuesque figure.

“It’s just thrilling to see the final creations, and I am very excited to be able to wear these beautiful creations to represent my country. The National Costume is iconic and rich in Malay culture, while the evening gown is nothing short of exquisite thanks to our talented designers, Salleh Hamid and Amazé,” said the 21-year-old beauty queen.

The 67th Miss Universe pageant will take place in Bangkok, Thailand on Monday, 17 December 2018 at 8am. Prior to the prestigious event, reigning Miss Universe 2017 Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters will be in Kuala Lumpur this December 2018 to launch MUCA, the Official Skincare Sponsor for the 2018 Miss Universe competition.

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