After his appearance in “Justice League” last year, Aquaman has finally made his big splash on the big splash on the big screen. The King of Atlantis is set to rule box offices over the world with his solo adventure debut.

“Aquaman” doesn’t have a post-credits scene but it does have a mid-credits scene worth sticking around for. This post obviously contains spoilers, so if you have yet to watch the latest DC superhero movie, know that you’ve been warned.

Source: Warner Bros

Unlike previous speculation, the bonus scene does not set up another DCEU film. Instead, it focuses on setting up a future “Aquaman” instalment. The scene only focuses on 2 characters already shown in the movie – Black Manta (played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) and Dr Stephen Shin (played by Randall Park).


A detail description reads:

The scene begins in the middle of the ocean. David Kane aka Black Manta is floating on a piece of wood. His suit is heavily damaged from the fighting with Aquaman in Italy. A man on a ship notices him. The man is Dr. Stephen Shin. Dr. Shin only has one scene during the actual film, which consists of him giving a TV interview arguing that the Atlantis is real.”

Black Manta appears inside Dr. Shin’s Boat, sitting on a couch and listening to that very TV interview. Dr. Shin is examining Black Manta’s suit and tells him that it consists of Atlantian technology. He asks Black Manta to lead him to Atlantis. Black Manta agrees, but only if Dr. Shin would lead him to someone else. He throws his knife on a poster of Aquaman and the scene cuts to black.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly

There’s a change in the movie as compared to the The New 52 DC Comics. Rather than showing that Aquaman killed Manta’s father (leading him to seek revenge), the movie version sees the Atlantean standing by letting Manta Sr die, and not making him directly responsible for the villain’s death.

On the other hand, Dr Shin is based on the 2011 New 52 DC comics reboot, in which he is Aquaman’s former teacher and a friend of Tom Curry (Aquaman’s father). When Aquaman refused to disclose the location of Atlantis, Shin eventually turned on him. Since his comic backstory differs quite a bit, it’s likely the plot for “Aquaman 2” will divert even more.

Source: Warner Bros

“Aquaman” is currently showing in cinemas.

Sources: Digital Spy, Express UK.

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