Malaysia’s very own R&B star Alextbh (Real name, Alex Bong) is going places. From performing locally in clubs and bars to standing on regional stages like Urbanscapes, Good Vibes Festival, Laneway Festival, and more.

Now, he even got an international recognition by Billboard, America’s top music magazine known for its music charts!


The magazine has listed the 22-year-old as one of its top 10 “favourite emerging queer artists to spice up your playlist” alongside other LGBTQ performers including Bang Bang Romeo, Hannah Trigwell, Carlie Hanson, Kiddy Smile, Leland, Jamie Wilson, Leo Kalyan, Phem, and Kodie Shane.

“With opening slots for Clean Bandit and Sevdaliza, Malaysian indie popper Alextbh lovingly crafts bedroom R&B-pop with just the slightest edge of gentle melancholy. More than making dizzying, sometimes danceable jams, Alextbh’s endgame is to provide ‘a gateway that highlights what’s happening in Malaysia,’where, still, acts of ‘gross indecency’ — gay sex — between 2 men is illegal,” Billboard writes.

Since before, Alex has always been very outspoken about his sexual orientation and the LGBTQ rights in Malaysia. He describes his music as “twink pop” or “twink R&B” as his music often resonates with the community. Alex is proud of his queer identity and is using his music to empower the LGBTQ community.

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