Despite the heavy rain on Thursday night (20th September), many fans braved the weather and showed up The Garden’s Theatre in The Garden’s Mall for CNCO’s live performance set.

A number of Malaysian CNCOwners (that’s what CNCO fans call themselves) were already waiting in line hours before the show started. There, we got to see fellow CNCOwners happily interacting with each other and sharing their obsession over their favourite Latino boyband.

The Garden’s Theatre was such a nice change thanks to the very intimate venue. This allowed almost everyone to get a good look of the boys when they are on stage. The mood inside the theatre was lively and filled with enthusiasm with most fans singing along to every song (in Spanish!).

While waiting for the boys to come on stage, Hitz.FM’s bubbly Denise Chan played host of the night. She reminded audiences to refrain from flash photography and to be respectful of others by not blocking their views.

Source: JRS

The crowd waited for an hour before Sony Music Malaysia’s new artists took to the stage to open the show. Aisha Retno performed amazing covers of Camila Cabello’s “Havana”, Mytha’s “Aku Cuma Punya Hati” and Luis Fonsi’s ear-worm hit “Despacito”.

Insomniacks treated music lovers with their latest single, “Selalu”. It was clear that the band had already started building their fanbase with some CNCOwners as they were singing along to Insomniacks. The performance was followed by 2 covers – “Stay” by Post Malone and “Drown” by Bring Me The Horizon.

Source: JRS

At approximately 9pm, screams erupted at an all time high as everyone in The Garden’s Theatre welcome CNCO onstage. Christopher Vélez, Richard Camacho, Zabdiel de Jesús, Joel Pimentel and Erick Brian Colon were clad in their unique individual street wear.

Zabdiel and Erick brought their guitars for the acoustic performance, while Richard introduced the first song with a dedication message, “this is for all the Mamitas”. Aside from “Mamita”, CNCO’s setlist also included “Sólo Yo”, “Hey DJ”, and their latest single, “”Se Vuelve Loca”.


Several fans noticed a slight hiccup with Christopher experiencing technical issues with his left ear piece. However, the handsome singer remained professional and beautifully with his band mates. It was a dream come true for CNCOwners to experience serenading them in the flesh.

In every group with a solid fan base, there are usually a few that stand out from the others – CNCO is no exception. Judging from the screams that night, the obvious “lane” (that’s how CNCOwners describe who they favour more) was Erick. The cheering from fans always got louder when Erick sang his solo parts. As the youngest CNCO member, it’s no surprise that teenage girls would gravitate towards the baby boy face.

Source: JRS

CNCO closed the show with another fan favourite, “Reggaetón Lento”. Thankfully, it was not the end yet. The boys soon reappeared onstage wearing different colours of our Malaysian Baju Melayu. Needless to say, the sweet gesture sent fans into another locura state all over again.

It was a precious memory that every Malaysian CNCOwner in attendance will forever treasure.

Review by Rutnie Teh. Edited by Hype Malaysia.

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