Do you all remember the popular Hong Kong triads film franchise “Young & Dangerous” (古惑仔) which has spawned 14 sequels and spin-offs from 1995 to 2013? Of course you do, it is the same franchise that inspired Malaysia’s very own “KL Gangster” series!

So as you all may know, the gang from “Young & Dangerous” will reunite on screen for their latest film, “Golden Job” (黄金兄弟) which will be arriving in Malaysian cinemas on 27th September 2018.


To commemorate their upcoming film, GSC Cinemas will be bringing the 4 main cast of “Golden Job” to 4 GSC locations in Malaysia; GSC 1 Utama, GSC MyTown, GSC iOi City Mall, and GSC Mid Valley this coming Sunday on 30th September 2018

Except for Jordan Chan (陈小春) and Michael Tse (谢天华), the 4 cast who will be attending the movie tour include Ekin Cheng (郑伊健), Chin Ka-lok (钱嘉乐), Eric Tsang (曾志伟) and Jerry Lamb (林晓峰).

“Golden Job” follows 5 former mercenaries who reunite for a heist where they are required to boost a truckload of medicine held by a foreign intelligence agency, but only to find out that they have been double-crossed by one of their own.

Check out for more info at GSC’s social media.


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