Earlier in September, Singapore-based indie mobile game studio Glassfire Games has released a satirical mobile game called “Where’s Najib?”, featuring the scandal-hit ex-prime minister of Malaysia, and uses the lens of satire to view the allegations surrounding Najib Razak.

In the game, players are given 10 seconds to 100 points in a whack-a-mole style minigame featuring an escaping Najib., but instead of using a hammer to hit him, player will be throwing diamonds at him instead.


If the player scores enough points in time, they unlock an answer to the question “Where Is Najib?”, which will feature 101 answers for players to unlock, including tongue-in-cheek locations such as:

  • “You found Najib! He’s telling a pineapple tart how he really feels about being probed.”
  • “You found Najib! He’s hiding the paper trail … by throwing away all his paperclips.”
  • “You found Najib! He’s googling ‘how to delete your computer’.”

For now, the game is only available on the Apple App Store but it will be available on the Google PlayStore in the 4th quarter of 2018.

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