You know how they say that “All Asian people look the same”, apparently that applies to all hijab-wearing women as well.

It would seem that American bridal magazine BRIDES have somehow mistaken Malaysian singer Yuna to South African retail leasing consultant Amanda Dilima in one of the stories in its magazine.

The 31-year-old Malaysian singer has taken to Twitter and Instagram last night to point out BRIDES’ shocking blunder. “@brides, thanks for putting our wedding photo on the magazine, but where are the credit?”

Yuna pointed out that the magazine not only took the photo of her recent wedding, but also failed to credit the official photographer Weddings by Qay, the wedding dress designer Hatta Dolmat, the wedding planner The Calla, or the venue of the wedding Puncak Rimba.

What’s worse, the magazine didn’t even mention the main stars of the wedding which were Yuna and her husband Adam Sinclair!

“Hit me up properly then I would’ve been more than happy to give you an amazing story and photos. A lot of people worked hard to make this beautiful day more beautiful. This was not some random wedding fashion shoot for a headpiece, and I ain’t some random girl! It was a REAL wedding. Don’t steal our picture, please,” she wrote.


She also added a side note to say that the wedding was “100% Malaysian made”.

It is quite surprising to see such a prestigious magazine like BRIDES making such blunder, but Yuna has speculated that the magazine might have mistaken her for the South African actress just because they both wore head wraps at their weddings.

It is not known if BRIDES have gotten back to Yuna, but we sure hope that they explain themselves properly to both Yuna and Amanda Dilima.

Featured Image: Vogue, Yuna Zarai blog.

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